grown-up grilled cheese!


This is a great way to dress up your grilled cheese!

4 slices high quality ‘hand-sliced’ bread
8 slices provolone or cheddar cheese
4 large eggs
4 slices fresh serrano ham or prochutto ( 2 slices per sandwich)
a handful of fresh basil leaves
parmesan cheese shavings
2 tablespoons mayo with a bit of sriracha sauce mixed in for spicy heat!
1 tablespoons butter

Crisp the serrano ham/prochutto in a skillet over medium-high heat or in the toaster oven. Melt butter in a skillet over medium heat and ‘toast’ the 4 bread slices, lightly on both sides. Top each slice with 2 provolone slices and grilled in toaster over until cheese melts. Heat skillet, and add a bit of butter then fry eggs ‘over-easy’. Place ham/prochutto slices on the bread, then top with 2 eggs on 2 cheese toasts. Finish with parmesan and basil, and smear plenty of sriracha mayo on the remaining 2 bread slices and place on top of the ‘stack’. You can reserve and serve extra of the mayo for ‘dipping’!

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