ottawa 1/2 marathon 2013…


Come out and join us as we train for the Ottawa ½ Marathon on May 26, 2013!

We will be leading the luluRun group each Saturday morning from 9-10am, meeting up at the LuLuLemon Fairview Pointe Claire store as our starting point, and running 8-10K in the immediate area. Even if you don’t plan to race in the Ottawa ½ marathon, you’re welcome to come out and join us.

We will provide an easy training plan to follow, which will involve 3-4 runs per week. The Saturday morning luluRun is meant to be a fun/social run to keep you inspired and provide an opportunity for us to share tips, training techniques and race strategy with you. Then, we recommend you do 2-3 shorter runs on your own during the week to improve your cardio and build your run endurance.

We will start the program with easy 5-10K runs, and build towards the ½ Marathon goal in May! Ideally, to start Phase 1, if you can run/jog for 30 minutes non-stop you are ready to take on this challenge. If you’re joining us at the start of Phase 2, you should be able to run/jog for 45 minutes non-stop at an easy to moderate pace.

This is a free run group open to everyone – all levels and abilities are welcome to join us, with the goal being FUN & FITNESS!


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