Our Fitness Timeline…

In 1999, after being a smoker for 20 years, Kevin decided it was time to quit. Along with that came the usual weight-gain and inactivity, and by 2001 we made a choice – the choice to work towards a goal to get healthy and fit.

We started kayaking, camping and hiking and were excited to try something new for fun and fitness. On May 24th 2003, we entered our first triathlon as a ‘team’ – ‘The Killer B’s’ – in the Early Bird Sprint Triathlon! Kat was the swimmer, Kev the cyclist and runner.

We had no idea at that time that this simple step would set us in motion and initiate a series of worldwide adventures. In 2006, we raced our first Ironman and in 2011, our first Ultraman! Our journey of ‘fun and fitness’ started from a simple thought to get off the couch – now we’re not sure if we even have a couch!!!

Enjoy this slideshow of our transformation, and remember to chase your dreams, and let no-one break your spirit!


Our Fitness Timeline

One thought on “Our Fitness Timeline…

  1. What a great journey for both of you. So proud that my cus and husband are elite athletes. Have been sharing with family and friends. Sooo proud of you both

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