ottawa 1/2 marathon 2014 edition…


Come out and join us for some FUN & FITNESS as we train for the Ottawa ½ Marathon on May 25, 2014!

We will be leading the luluRun group again this year, each Saturday morning from 9-10am!  We meet up at the LuLuLemon Fairview Pointe Claire store inside the mall and head out for a 45-60 minute fun run!  Even if you don’t plan to race in the Ottawa ½ marathon, you’re welcome to come out and join us – this is a free run group open to everyone!

We also provide an easy training plan to follow of 3-4 runs per week with our Saturday morning run as a fun/social event to keep you inspired and motivated. We’ll also share tips, training techniques and race strategy with you as we lead up to the event.  The plan will also help you focus on 2-3 shorter runs during the week, done on your own, to improve your cardio and build your run endurance. We start the program with easy 5-10K runs, and build towards the ½ Marathon in May!

Ideally, to start Phase 1, if you can run/jog for 30 minutes non-stop you are ready to take on this challenge. If you’re joining us at the start of Phase 2, you should be able to run/jog for 45 minutes non-stop at an easy to moderate pace.

luluRun 2014 Ottawa ½ Marathon Program:
Phase 1: base build (7 weeks) : Mon Jan 6–Sun Feb 23 (click here for the plan!)
Phase 2: race build (13 weeks) : Mon Feb 24–Sun May 25 (click here for the plan!)
Race Day : Sun May 25th

Click here
for a breakdown of the ‘Training Zones’ (ZR, Z1, Z2 & Z3) as noted in the plan above. You can switch the weekday runs to fit your schedule: ie. Mon & Wed, instead of Tues & Thurs – just don’t run two days ‘back to back’.

Let’s celebrate our FUN & FITNESS!

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