Skechers Performance 2018

GOrun Ride 7

We were excited to get the 2018 version of the GOrun Ride’s and put them to the test, since this was the initial Skechers shoe we started with back in 2014.  Fast forward 4 years later, and thousands of miles in Skechers shoes, we are extremely impressed with the latest developments in this running staple. We raced in the Staten Island Half Marathon in these on October 14th, and are thrilled to report that we re-qualified for the 2019 New York City Marathon in the GOrun Ride 7’s!


From the moment we opened the boxes, it was clear that this was a lightweight Performance shoe that can handle the daily training volume, yet feel light and fast for race performance in marathon and half marathon events!

The new GOrun Ride 7 has incorporated a new GOknit upper which hugs the foot, with a snug upper and added flex from the stretch in the knit fabric. The mid-foot area of the upper is segmented, which holds the foot in place really well, and the mesh provides ample room in the forefoot for a comfortable fit that works in unison with your foot.

The GOknit upper also provides that little bit of ‘stretch’ that the Skechers incorporate into their laces, which really makes the show feel like it’s molded to your feet.  The fit on these shoes is snug and comfortable, and both of us didn’t have any rubbing or hot-spot issues. Like the rest of the Skechers lineup, the GOrun Ride 7’s are light weight and felt great from the minute we slipped into them!

We found them to be true to size, with a medium to snug fit and the flex of the fabric allowed us both to feel supported and comfortable, even though Kat has a narrow foot, and Kev’s is wider.

We loved the updated sole as well, which uses the FLIGHT GEN technology and provides a bouncy ride, with just the right amount of flex. The heel curve and M-Strike made for a very comfortable mid-foot strike and a stable ride thanks to the wider forefoot. After a significant amount of training KM’s, the sole still has it’s bounce and shape and has proven to be an extremely durable addition to our Skechers Performance shoe lineup. When it mattered most, the GOrun Ride 7 came through on race day giving us both speedy feet in Staten Island and the performance edge we needed.  NYC will be a big factor in our 2019 season thanks to Skechers Performance!

Forza 3

Lighter, faster, and more stability – the new Forza 3 has undergone a great re-design!

The latest version of the Forza 3 provides a smooth ride and offers light stability in an extremely durable shoe.

It incorporates a breathable, ribbed upper, that flexes with the foot, so it’s not tight and feels like a custom fit right out of the box. We found the Forza 3 to be true to size, and with it’s new wider base, it offers great forefoot stability.

The ribbed upper has been re-designed to incorporate specific sections which guide the foot while maintaining stability.  In addition, the ‘ribbed’ pattern offers increased flexibility, giving the runner the best of both worlds. This also allows the upper to fit closely without being too tight as it adapts to the foot.

With a curved heel, and mild toe spring, the Forza 3 offers a stable ride with a smooth heel landing. The sole has excellent flexibility with curved flex grooves that offer a nice forward roll of the foot and provides a solid toe-off to get your foot moving in the right direction. The Forza 3 also incorporates the lightweight FLIGHT GEN technology which provides a bouncy yet durable sole, staying responsive as well as stable.

If you are looking for a lightweight shoe with stability, the Forza 3 is a great choice for long distance training and racing on a variety of terrain.

Skechers 2017 #choosegreatness

In late January 2017, we set off on an adventure to run in Iceland – who else but a couple of Canadians would go to Iceland to run in the middle of winter!  We flew into Keflavik airport on a direct flight with WOW airlines, and began our adventure with a 3-night stay in Reyjavik.

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

We didn’t know what to expect since it was our first visit, so we packed multiple layers of our favourite lululemon run gear, as well as an assortment of the 2017 shoes in the Skechers Performance lineup. We thought this would be a great way to test out the new product, since our plan was to run in a variety of conditions over multiple surface changes. Kat also packed a pair of ‘On The Go 400 – Glacial’s – excited to see how they would perform in this unique landscape.

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

The first pair we tested were the GOMeb Razors. This is a new model for 2017, and the structure and fit lands somewhere between the GoRun5 and Go Meb Speed. 

We were immediately in-love with the knit-upper, as well as the colours and graphics, and were excited to get running.

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

The GOMeb Razor was light-weight and super-comfy right out of the box with a nice bouncy mid-sole. The knit upper offered excellent ventilation with great structure and was a perfect match for our 10K run in the Ellioaardalur valley – right in the heart of Rekjavik! The GOMeb Razor was a clear winner on our mid-distance run as well, where we ran along parts of the Reykjavik marathon course. They GOMed Razors provided stable comfort and a grippy feel, proving it to be a great mid-distance shoe as well! This will be a regular in our training and racing shoe lineup for those speedy outings!

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

Next up was the GOTrail Ultra 4.  Being ultra-distance athletes, we’ve spent a lot of time in the GOTrail Ultras in the past few years and the 4th generation of this shoe is a clear indication of why Skechers Performance is in the game to stay!  We tested out the GOTrail Ultra’s throughout our trip, at various locations and on a variety of terrain. 

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)
Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

From running across volcanic beaches to descending into ice-caves and up and over Langjokull and Vatnajokull glaciers, the GOTrail Ultra 4 performed beautifully with excellent fit and function.

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

This shoe boasts plush cushioning and excellent breathability, as well as suburb traction and stability. The near seamless design offered enhanced comfort and a secure fit, providing a mid-foot strike-zone which ensured an efficient stride. The GOTrail Ultra 4 will definitely be a workhorse for us on the long runs!

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

In an unexpected twist, Kat’s ‘On The Go 400 – Glacial’s’ were a HUGE unexpected hit! Right out of the box, these quickly became a go-to favorite with their impressive fit, warm comfort and super-comfy GogaMat insoles.

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

These boots performed beautifully, whether it was on a trek through deep snow across the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, or mounted with a set of crampons for hikes up and over the glaciers. The ‘On The Go 400’s were a wonderful addition to the test line-up and offered impressive fit and functionality in all conditions.

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

It’s obvious that Skechers  are pushing the boundaries to improve on great products and continue to impress us with each evolution in the line-up. We’re excited to take on the 2017  training and racing season in this diverse range of shoes, geared for runners of all levels and distances.

Larry Nadler
(Photo: Johany Jutras)

Iceland was a fabulous run adventure, but with so much to see in this vast landscape, we ran out of time and still have unfinished stops on our itinerary, which will mean a return trip for use.

We also ran out of time for shoe testing, so we’ll have a GORun5 report coming soon, along with a full RunTripper Iceland Tour rundown!


In the interest of full disclosure, we are Skechers Performance Ambassadors, so the product we receive is sent to us free of charge. Obviously we’re grateful for that, but our commitment is to you as a reader. For that reason, we only share our own opinions.

Skechers 2016 #getyourmilesin

Just as we began to ramp up our spring training miles for the 2016 Boston and London Marathons, the newest models in the Skechers Performance lineup arrived at our doorstep! Given the excellent performance of the 2015 models, we were excited to see what changes the team had incorporated into in the newest incarnations.

As soon as we opened the boxes, it was obvious that Skechers has been taking serious strides in product development – listening to us as runners and what we desire in a shoe. Throughout the line, they continue to impress us with extremely comfortable, lightweight shoes, geared towards a performance purpose.

Immediately apparent was the integration of breathable seamless uppers, and re-engineered features in the sole construction. We were excited to get laced up and head out the door, so here’s our take on how each shoe fits in with our run objectives this season.

GOrun4 – The original ‘Speed Demongets ever fasterslice_skechers_k&k4
When we first tested out the GOrun4 last year, it was clearly our ‘speed-demon’ of choice for the 2015 season. It surpassed all of our expectations and performed beautifully in a variety of conditions.  We raced in this model at several Half Ironman and Half Marathon events and did all of our speed work in these. It provided a great overall race/performance fit and feel, and was light as air. This was a model we thought couldn’t get any better, but when we tried out the latest version, we knew why it had become the 2016 Runner’s World Editor’s Choice.

The new GOknit mesh one-piece upper is soft and seamless, providing a smooth sock-like feel, and comfortable and supportive fit. The re-designed flexible ‘Resalyte’ midsole provides perfect amount of cushioning balanced with impact protection.  The modified outer edge ‘pods’ add durability and we found them to have a new super grippy type of traction that translated to straight-line speed!

This is an incredible shoe, and with a 4mm drop that promotes a mid-foot strike, ‘Quick-Fit’ portal and flexible heel-cup for quick transitions, this will remain our preferred mid-distance race shoe.

GOride 5 – Reinventedslice_skechers_k&krideThe GOride 3 was the first Skechers model we tested back in 2014, so it’s been remarkable to see how the team at Skechers have developed it over the past two years. This shoe has always been comfortable right out of the box, and the next generation of the GOride doesn’t disappoint.

In addition to a completely new seamless upper, with breathable side panels and more stability, we found the redesigned sole to have more cushioning and greater impact protection. The shoe also felt much more responsive, thanks to the new ‘Resalyte’ compound, and GOimpulse Sensors on the outsole, which offered flex and grip for a very smooth and responsive run experience. It also offers generous space in the fore-foot, so more room for your toes to spread out a bit. It also incorporates the 4mm heel drop design, and promotes a mid-foot strike for fluid transition and stride efficiency.

The GOride has always been an extremely comfortable shoe, almost disappearing on your foot, so the new GOride 5 will be our mid-distance ‘go-to’ training shoe when the runs are longer and we’re looking for maximum comfort.

Forza – Stability/Distance Kingslice_skechers_k&kforza
The same comfort found in the GOride and GOrun’s can be felt at the heart of the Forza, with this model offering superior stability and a well cushioned ride. The Forza also incorporates a breathable seamless mesh upper and two-part Resalyte midsole, for a very smooth heel to toe transition.

It features an 8mm drop, and we found this shoe to be super-lightweight with an excellent response right out of the box.  The heel cup on the Forza is moulded and well-padded for a more traditional style fit as well, so it really hugs your foot.

The Forza is a great choice for those looking to transition into the Skechers brand and like a traditional style of running shoe. Comfort and stability come together in this lightweight performance machine, making it our model of choice for long training runs.

In Summary
All of the Skechers shoes in the Performance line are extremely lightweight and super comfortable on the inside – with no stitching and great breathability. The upper is very flexible so the shoe feels unrestricted, with no hotspots or pressure. The re-engineered soles offer more cushion and traction with a nice mix of stability where needed. As a bonus, we absolutely LOVE the stock ‘flat-wound’ stretch laces!k&kduo.jpgOverall, these shoes offer exceptional performance in and impressive lineup of models, especially if you add the Ultra Road into the mix! Skechers have taken things to the next level, and tailored their Performance lineup to cater to all running styles and distances.

As we log longer mileage over the summer, we’ll be extensively testing the Ultra Trail model as we gear up for a double crossing of the Grand Canyon this fall – stay tuned!kat_skechers_16-4_web

Skechers Performance = Speedy Feet!

Our 2015 race season was planned to accommodate a late season build – racing the New York City Marathon on Nov 1st, then taking on the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii from Nov 27-29th

We chose to do a progressive build towards the November targets by pacing some friends in a few half marathons, racing the 5150 in Tremblant, as well as doing two half Ironmans in September – all for fun and fitness. The ‘lead-up’ races brought in some focused speed-work, and were planned to land right in the midst of our final build phase.kat_skechersjoy_web
The great thing about the variety of races and mileage we laid out was that it gave us a perfect opportunity to thoroughly test various models of the Skechers Performance lineup – both in training and race settings. Shoe rotation is a great tactic for injury prevention, so being able to switch pairs often – especially for those ultra-long two-a-day run sessions, was a major bonus for us this year!

So, after logging several training and race miles in 2015 thus far, here’s our impression of the Skechers Performance lineup:

GOrun4 – The Speed Demon
If you are looking for a speed-demon, then the GOrun4 is for you. It’s lightweight, fits like a glove, and offers enough cushioning to easily take you into the Half Marathon distance.  We love the heel cup design – it’s flexible and thin so doesn’t even feel like it’s there – and the ‘Quick-Fit’ portal makes slipping these on quickly in triathlon transitions a breeze!  The GOrun4’s feature a flexible ‘Resalyte’ midsole and rubber ‘pods’ on out outer edges for durability.  We love their grippy traction on the road, as well as the 4 mm drop, offering superior fit and function.

In the races we’ve done this year, the breathability and drainage capabilities of the GOrun4’s have surpassed our expectations.  We’ve raced in a variety of conditions, from hot humid 41C weather at the Canadian Iron113, then pouring rain and 15C at the Demi-Esprit – every time the GOrun4’s performed beautifully.

Strada – The High Performance Trainer
If you prefer a little more cushion and stability, The Strada takes the support level up a notch, offering an excellent shoe for longer training runs and marathon distance racing. The Strada is built with more dense foam on the outsole as well as a combination of Resalyte and Resagip for a firmer ride. It features an 8mm drop, and feels excellent on flat roads where you can incorporate everything from quick sprints to longer tempo runs.

We love the stability of the Strada, which has become our ‘go-to’ shoe, covering all the bases from traditional trainer right into race-day performer.

Ultra Road – The Endurance Junkie 
After testing in the Ultra2 model for most of last season, and loving its cushioning comfort,  along came the Ultra Road this season, which took things to a whole new level for us.  This model instantly became our ultra-distance favourite. 

Right out of the box, the fit and feel was exceptional, offering great cushioning and a responsive ride. The Ultra Road features a Resalyte sole, with firmer outsole, making for a very responsive take-off for those times when you are looking to pick up the pace! With its  durable woven upper and no seams or liner, it performs great in the heat, providing exceptional breathability and water drainage.

Our first ‘test’ run was a 6 hour city jaunt, and the shoes offered great support and a very   comfortable fit. At the end of our long test run, we both looked at each other and said, ‘Yup, we can keep going in these!’ 

We LOVE the Ultra Road and they will definitely be our 2015 Ultraman World Championship shoe of choice!

In Summary
All of the Skechers shoes in the Performance lineup that we have run in were extremely comfortable on the inside – no stitching, excellent drainage and great breathability. The upper is very flexible so the shoe feels unrestricted, and paired with the stock ‘flat-wound’ stretch laces, the tongue always stays in place.

It’s a great feeling for an athlete when your gear becomes ‘one’ with you and it just seems to ‘disappear’ – it’s there, but it’s not. That’s exactly what we’ve found in the lineup, and with such a broad choice in the series, there’s a shoe option for everyone! Where ever it may be, from trails, to twisty roads to all out track sprints, we’re driven by excitement every time we lace up and head out the door!


lululemon run gear…

We raced in Ultraman Canada again this year August 4-6th and were happy to be wearing our favourite LuLuLemon run gear for the 84.4K day 3 run segment…  it’s a looooong run, so having comfortable clothing that performs under pressure let’s us focus on the task at hand without worrying about our gear!

Kev in his ‘Metal Vent Sleeveless’ tech shirt and ‘Light as Air’ shorts…

Kev in his ‘Metal Vent Sleeveless’ tech shirt and ‘Light as Air’ shorts…
…Kat in her ‘Cool Racerback’ tank and ‘Turbo Run Short’!