some of our favourite reads…

We love Ray Zahab’s book entitled ‘Running for My Life’.  This is the story of Ray’s journey from a “world of partying and hard living to a world of eco-challenges, epic long-distance races, and championships.  It is a book that documents one man’s passion for challenge, distance, and discovery!”  It’s great to read about the transformation of Ray’s life and that anything truly is possible if you’ve got the determination and drive within!

Another great read is by Ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes entitled ‘Ultramarathon Man’.  This book was a great source of inspiration to us when we first got into running with the wild tales of Dean’s “mind-boggling adventures and nonstop treks through the hell of Death Valley, the incomprehensible frigidity of the South Pole, and the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and canyons of the Sierra Nevada. Karnazes captures the euphoria and out-of-body highs of these adventures”.  A great source of inspiration indeed!

And finally, gotta love the ‘Lore of Running’ by Tim Noakes!
Which explores the physiology of running, all aspects of training, and recognizing, avoiding, and treating injuries.
‘The, bible on all things ‘run’ for serious runners – a terrific resource!